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Listed here is the locations where the Training Provider can provide apprenticeship training. All apprenticeship standards are not necessarily offered in each location.

Type of provider

National provider


Type of training provider

There are four types of training provider:

A National Provider is a training provider that is able to offer apprenticeship training in any location across England. Some national providers might also offer training in the devolved nations, i.e. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An FE college is a state-funded provider that can offer a broad range of training options in a particular location to a range of employers.

A Specialist Provider is a training provider that is not state-funded and tends to offer training in specialist sectors or locations.

Universities offer training for Degree Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships, sometimes running specialist courses for apprentices on a particular standard.

We passionately believe in opportunity for all. Learning should be available to help us all to thrive in our chosen career. We firmly believe the Apprentice Levy is a chance for every organisation to both hire and develop their workforce in preparation for future skills in an increasingly digital age. We work consultatively with our employer clients to ensure that any programme we deliver is relevant and measurable and feels like their own programme for their own people.

Every programme we deliver is measurable and we work with our employers to create the evidence learning.

We know that there is an opportunity cost to delivering apprenticeships, so we make sure our programmes are aligned to your business strategy and every learner is given all the support they need to be successful.

We deliver all workshops virtually yet highly supported through our dynamic learning platform so that apprentices can easily upload evidence and complete all the evidence and submissions required.

We enhance each programme specifically to suit the employer requirements, and to ensure we are choosing the right standard for you and then use our knowledge of regulation and curriculum to match the model to your learning culture and business needs.

Apprenticeship Standards offered:


Apprenticeship Standards offered

Apprenticeship standards detail what an apprentice will be doing in their day-to-day job role.

Each standard lists the skills required of apprentices, and every standard is written by a group of employers called trailblazers—experts within their industry that have worked with countless apprentices.

Listed here are the apprenticeship standards this training provider offers training for.




Data Technician Standard 3
Digital Community Manager Standard 4
Digital Marketer Standard 3
Financial Services Professional Standard 6
Intelligence Analyst Standard 4
Operations / Departmental Manager Standard 5
Process Leader Standard 4
Sales Executive Standard 4
Team Leader / Supervisor Standard 3

Our clients

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Training overview

We will work with you to co-design your training programmes and ensure they are matched to your business strategy and learning culture.

We deliver our programmes virtually and engage the learners in groups as well as break out sessions depending on the activity. We work with a group of experienced facilitators and coached to engage and inspire your learners as well as actively looking for ways work with your own internal subject matter experts. The learning is all managed and delivered through our bespoke community learning platform, ‘MyLearning’ which is a one stop shop for all apprentices and their line managers. This platform is used to communicate pre and post work and nudge reading between workshops as well as gather evidence and organise meetings with their progress coach.

Training is a mixture of virtual classrooms, interactive e-learning and online research. All content is tailored to your needs and company values and language so that it feels like your own programme for your own people.

If you decide to have more than one programme delivered then we will work to coordinate the programmes and create consistency of experience or progression between programmes to create a development pathway in your organisation. We will work with you to determine ’golden modules’ that can be recreated or highlighted across programmes.

Learners are supported monthly with one to one progress coach sessions and every three months with their line manager and coach together. Learners can be existing employees or new hires, we can include your existing content and even apprenticize a full programme to enable you to make it levy fundable and give a recognised certification on completion.

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