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Listed here is the locations where the Training Provider can provide apprenticeship training. All apprenticeship standards are not necessarily offered in each location.

Type of provider

National provider, Specialist provider


Type of training provider

There are four types of training provider:

A National Provider is a training provider that is able to offer apprenticeship training in any location across England. Some national providers might also offer training in the devolved nations, i.e. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An FE college is a state-funded provider that can offer a broad range of training options in a particular location to a range of employers.

A Specialist Provider is a training provider that is not state-funded and tends to offer training in specialist sectors or locations.

Universities offer training for Degree Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships, sometimes running specialist courses for apprentices on a particular standard.

WhiteHat is a tech startup on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders, by building an alternative to university through apprenticeships.

WhiteHat focuses on three core areas: giving employers a framework for measuring potential outside of academics and work experience through their platform; bringing incredible content from around the world into applied learning programmes; and growing an apprentice community to enable people to build social capital and strong professional networks.

In the U.K., WhiteHat is at the forefront of enabling companies to use the apprenticeship levy to hire and train diverse talent looking to kickstart their career, or to upskill existing team members in the technical skills they need.

Apprenticeship Standards offered:


Apprenticeship Standards offered

Apprenticeship standards detail what an apprentice will be doing in their day-to-day job role.

Each standard lists the skills required of apprentices, and every standard is written by a group of employers called trailblazers—experts within their industry that have worked with countless apprentices.

Listed here are the apprenticeship standards this training provider offers training for.




Associate Project Manager Standard 4
Business Administrator Standard 3
Data Analyst Standard 4
Digital And Technology Solutions Professional (Integrated Degree) Standard 6
Digital Marketer Standard 3
Software Developer Standard 4
Team Leader / Supervisor Standard 3

Our clients

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Creating a diverse group of future leaders

At WhiteHat we’re building an outstanding alternative to university through apprenticeships. We focus on three core areas: 

1. Measuring potential beyond academics & work experience through our platform. Candidates create a digital profile, including personality/video profiles, that identifies hidden talent and evidences skills that CVs fail to show. Candidates are intelligently matched with opportunities to which they would be best suited. Better matches mean more apprentices completing apprenticeships, and more employers returning to recruit apprentices.

2. Delivering world-class content via applied learning programmes. We partner with some of the world’s best content providers to ensure we deliver a world class learning experience. WhiteHat’s online platform houses exemplar courses and facilitates peer mentoring, empowering apprentices to talk, rate, and explore learning. 

3. Helping a diverse group of young people build social capital & strong networks. We’re powering a social experience for apprentices to rival the relationships students build at university. Bringing apprentices together through events and matching them with mentors helps them develop a fantastic network. They have access to sports teams, socials, societies, and our future leaders foundation to help ensure they build successful careers.

By developing high quality education and training that supports the needs of both employers and young people we're transforming apprenticeships and creating a credible alternative to even the best universities. We believe this will play a vital role in solving the UK’s skills gap, addressing inequalities in pay and opportunity, and challenging wider societal perceptions surrounding apprenticeships and how you access the best careers.

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The School Leaver Awards

The School Leaver Awards celebrate the top employers and training providers for school and college leavers on apprenticeship programmes.

Apprentices complete feedback surveys, rating each element of their training with a score out of 100. There are four questions asked about training providers:

  • How would you rate the teaching provided by your training provider?
  • How satisfied are you with the quality of assessment and feedback provided by your training provider?
  • How would you rate your overall learning experience, including the facilities, resources and classroom environment?
  • How satisfied are you with the support you have been given by your training provider, outside of your training, i.e. personal development and welfare?

The score is the mean average of all the responses for that specific training provider. The average is the mean average score of all training providers. The position is where the training provider ranks compared with other training providers who took part.




Category breakdown Position Industry average
Teaching 7th 82.1%
Assessment & feedback 1st 80.6%
Learning experience 2nd 79.8%
Personal support 2nd 80.5%

Awards won


Awards won

This lists the awards the training provider has won at The School Leaver Awards. This indicates that they are market leaders in the particular category.

Best for Assessment & Feedback
Best Training Provider

What the learners said


What the learners said

Apprentices are asked for written feedback on their training provider as part of the survey they complete for The School Leaver Awards. Listed here is a selection of feedback.

WhiteHat has provided excellent support, both as my learning provider and in the community, championing apprenticeships and apprentices.

WhiteHat have provided me with continuous support throughout my apprenticeship. I have been able to adapt and develop my knowledge and apply it to my role. I have developed a good relationship with my coach, enhancing my enjoyment of studying towards my Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification.

My apprenticeship with WhiteHat has helped my confidence grow enormously, especially due to the huge volume of community and B2B events I have been invited to since starting. They've allowed me to experience opportunities that I wouldn't have at university. I'm very proud to be a WhiteHat apprentice.

My experience so far has been amazing, as both a WhiteHat apprentice and employee. We receive such great support and guidance, as well as being given access to learning and networking opportunities throughout the programme. My programme is interactive and supports me to progress in my role as an employee.

So far, my apprenticeship has been excellent! Whitehat has provided many opportunities outside the workplace to further my knowledge and skills as well as network with other apprentices and professionals. These opportunities have improved both my interpersonal skills and professional knowledge.

Whitehat helped me partner with a like-minded company and individuals that offer me the support I need, and is giving me opportunities and experiences I never thought I would get to experience.

Doing an apprenticeship with WhiteHat has been the best decision I have ever made.

They make you feel secure and safe in the learning environment. The coaches try and make you the best version of yourself every day. They have been so supportive and matched me really well to the company I work for. The way they match you to jobs, the preparation they give you for interviews and the support they give during the apprenticeship is amazing!

The coaches are great and the support they give you is amazing. WhiteHat really is a community.

WhiteHat is, without a doubt, the most amazing apprenticeship training provider out there. Because it is a tech start-up which is constantly hiring new talent it means they are constantly focusing on improving things. They have the people and the tools to ensure the training is beneficial for apprentices. They foster a culture of feedback which means they are continuously asking apprentices what they can do better. This is rare for apprenticeship providers and as a result is the reason why I think WhiteHat is so good.

They really focus on each individual and I can trust them to have my best interests at heart.

I am very happy with how things are going on my apprenticeship programme. I feel like I am always growing and the quality of work which WhiteHat teaches is second to none. They have covered all bases in regards to work and personal qualities which is exactly what you need to be ready for the world of work.

My apprenticeship provider has been so supportive from the get go. Despite not having the easiest job, they always have tools and advice to help guide me to making the best decisions, how to deal with difficult clients or how to manage change. I feel that all our coursework is relevant to our job roles and we have so much opportunity to develop our personal skills and qualities

I simply can't recommend WhiteHat enough. The opportunities it gives young adults are second-to-none. A special mention to the fantastic WhiteHat founders and employees who cheer us on throughout. Amazing!

The apprenticeship scheme provided by WhiteHat has been great! The coursework is relevant to the Business Administration apprenticeship I am doing, and it is not too overwhelming so I am easily able to balance the time with my job.