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Listed here is the locations where the Training Provider can provide apprenticeship training. All apprenticeship standards are not necessarily offered in each location.

Type of provider

National provider


Type of training provider

There are four types of training provider:

A National Provider is a training provider that is able to offer apprenticeship training in any location across England. Some national providers might also offer training in the devolved nations, i.e. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

An FE college is a state-funded provider that can offer a broad range of training options in a particular location to a range of employers.

A Specialist Provider is a training provider that is not state-funded and tends to offer training in specialist sectors or locations.

Universities offer training for Degree Apprenticeships or Higher Apprenticeships, sometimes running specialist courses for apprentices on a particular standard.

We believe that young people are remarkable and that they have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things.

LDN Apprenticeships helps ambitious and talented people to accelerate their career and secure their future in the world’s most exciting industries. We work with industry to design apprenticeships that solve workforce problems and that provide opportunity and security for apprentices.

The candidates we work with are talented and energetic young people who are enthusiastic about starting their career and learning new skills in a practical, working environment. They understand the value in the awesome opportunities that our clients have to offer and are ready for the world of work.

Apprenticeship Standards offered:


Apprenticeship Standards offered

Apprenticeship standards detail what an apprentice will be doing in their day-to-day job role.

Each standard lists the skills required of apprentices, and every standard is written by a group of employers called trailblazers—experts within their industry that have worked with countless apprentices.

Listed here are the apprenticeship standards this training provider offers training for.




Business Administrator Standard 3
Digital Marketer Standard 3
IS Business Analyst Standard 4
Infrastructure Technician Standard 3
Publishing Assistant Standard 3

Our clients

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LDN Apprenticeship Delivery & Learner Journey

At LDN Apprenticeships we deliver unique, custom-built programmes of learning and development in each of our apprenticeship pathways. All of our content is developed in house by our team of industry experienced Skills Coaches and our content team. Our blended approach to delivery means our apprentices can access their learning material on demand through our learning management system and get support in person or in regular live sessions from their Skills Coach. We use technology that is unique to the apprenticeship sector to ensure a seamless learning journey for apprentices and their employers. 

We believe that young people are remarkable and that they have the potential to help companies achieve remarkable things. 

This belief runs through every element of the learning journey at LDN Apprenticeships. From recruiting your apprentices, to ensuring they have a smooth induction and a rewarding year of learning with us, every stage of the apprenticeship experience matters to the team at LDN Apprenticeships.

In-house Content Team

Our in-house content team have created and are constantly evolving the delivery of our apprenticeships – not only the material and the knowledge LDN Apprentices are taught, but the way they are taught and their learning experience on the programme as well.

Industry Experienced Skills Coaches

All of our Skills Coaches have extensive industry experience and alongside our content team, they are able to make sure that what LDN Apprentices learn on their apprenticeship is up-to-date and relevant. We know that the world of work is constantly evolving and that our apprenticeships need to keep up. 

Learning Management System

Our best-in-class learning management system enables us to offer an unrivalled and highly customised blended learning experience to our apprentices. In addition, access to thousands of prebuilt online courses means we are able to customise each apprenticeship we deliver to create a learning journey suited to the needs of both apprentices and employers. 

Digital Delivery Model

Our delivery model is digital first and is enriched by regular in person / online coaching sessions and regular masterclasses where apprentices are able to come together with their peers to learn from industry leaders. This model means our apprenticeships are available nationally, but still maintain the same personal touch. 

Off The Job Learning

We have an innovative approach to recording Off the Job (OTJ) training. Every apprentice is given access to our proprietary web application which makes recording their off the job training time easy. It also helps apprentices and their line manager to understand how manage the OTJ requirement efficiently.

Being able to offer cutting-edge training and a unique and personalised learner journey sets up LDN Apprentices to be a success within their workplace and bring new and fresh ideas to their role.  

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Last inspection date: January 2019 (Monitoring Visit)

Rating: Significant Progress (Top Marks for Monitoring Visit)

Report: Read full report

Awarded: Lambeth Made Business Charter Award - February 2020

Awarded: Matrix Standard Accreditation - July 2020

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